Teresa Reiter is a European Union citizen based in Vienna. 
She has not yet been able to decide on one focus in her professional and artistic life and might never manage to do so. At the moment she keeps herself busy with writing jobs, painting and projects related to European security and defence policy, civic literacy and the Western Balkans. 
She never learned how to draw in an organised matter. As a young journalist she ran into the artist Naï Zakharia in Belgrade. Teresa watched her paint quickly and expressively with very basic materials. Zakharia's way of painting seemed so fluid, easy-going and vivid that the memory of these days stuck with Teresa and came back to her when she started painting on her own years later. During a difficult time in her life, Teresa came across the works of German artist Torsten Hannig. He described his art as visual expression of his depression. That was when Teresa picked up a black ballpoint pen and started drawing the witches that had been dancing in her head for the previous months. To her, shelving inner demons by drawing them is still the most effective method to get rid of them or at least a way to keep them otherwise engaged. To start drawing is her heartfelt recommendation to everyone who is haunted by painful thoughts and actual or imagined ghosts and monsters.
Calling herself an artist feels too weird to Teresa. She is a policy advisor and a writer. She does however welcome ideas and opportunities to paint and draw for money or for an acceptable amount of real or fake admiration and/or cake.
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